Dedicated to Providing Unique designs for Home Decor, Clothing and Accessories


Cameron Creations offers superb hand crafted designs for coffee coasters and canvases that are the ideal furnishings for your home or office. Our coasters are made with high-quality acrylic paints and epoxies for durability and visual appeal. Each coaster product from our selection features a unique design and no two pieces are the same.

We incorporate our designs into various fun, exciting and appealing products that allow our customers to express their creative mood. Whether decorating a living room, going to a Yoga class or wearing a really cool Face Mask, we have you covered.

Our Founder

Mr. Cameron has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, having been involved in multiple projects across a variety of industries. These include music & entertainment, developing global communications networks, outdoor cooling solutions in Greece, providing essential safety services for the Oil & Gas industry and various other projects.

With COVID-19 affecting his usual activities, he saw an opportunity to start a business during this time using his unleashed creativity. That idea became Cameron Creations, which provides customers with unique pieces that are sure to provide the WOW factor.