"Universal Collision" Acrylic Art Design

The "Universal Collision" Acrylic Art Design

Follow the journey of an Intergalactic traveler on the Federation Star Ship Utopia. Throughout his fantastic experiences, he records his travels by creating acrylic art pieces that describe what he views.

This log entry is titled, Universal Collision.

"Our mission from Federation Earth was to travel to this destination of the cosmos. Once we had the coordinates entered, it was warp 10+ to get there in time. The purpose was to witness and record the first ever in human history the collision of two universes.  Words can describe the immense love and admiration we had witnessing this event. I had to go back to my school books for this one. Apparently this type of event only happens every 11.11 millennia and we are the first humans to watch. We hope you enjoy the video logs, because this is an epic event."

Universal Collision Acrylic Art Design by Cameron Creations Ltd.