"Universal Beginnings" Acrylic Art Design

The "Universal Beginnings" Acrylic Art Design

Follow the journey of an Intergalactic traveler on the Federation Star Ship Utopia. Throughout his fantastic experiences, he records his travels by creating acrylic art pieces that describe what he views.

This log entry is titled, Universal Beginnings.

"We had a fantastic and successful day collecting liquid and soil samples during our mission. When we returned to the ship, the head Chef made a very tasty meal for us. After dinner and some wine, one of the crew members asked me to paint something for her. Luckily for her, I recently received a shipment of my paints from Earth. This is what I made for her. She posted it on her FFB page (Federation Facebook) and got over 1 billion likes. She has friends in every verse.."

Universal Beginnings Acrylic Art Design by Cameron Creations Ltd.