"Green Goo" Acrylic Art Design

The "Green Goo" Acrylic Art Design

Follow the journey of an Intergalactic traveler on the Federation Star Ship Utopia. Throughout his fantastic experiences, he records his travels by creating acrylic art pieces that describe what he views.

This log entry is titled, Green Goo.

"It's a good thing our Stealth Cloak was working well today, otherwise I think we would have scared the you know what out of this thing...standing in some sort of green fluid, I called it "Green Goo". It is very important for us to maintain our Priority One Mission, not to interfere with other entities unless the invitation has been confirmed, way over my pay grade. It's been stated many times, if you can think of it, the Universes have it, and then some."

Green Goo Acrylic Art Design by Cameron Creations Ltd.