"Blue Coil Portal" Acrylic Art Design

The "Blue Coil Portal" Acrylic Art Design

Follow the journey of an Intergalactic traveler on the Federation Star Ship Utopia. Throughout his fantastic experiences, he records his travels by creating acrylic art pieces that describe what he views.

This log entry is titled, Blue Coil Portal.

"Last time we went through this Blue Coil Portal, we had some mechanical issues and had to wait over 2 weeks for the repair parts. It wasn't so bad because the locals treat us very well. Thank goodness for our recent Voice Translator upgrades, although for this region of the Multi-Verse, It took a little time for our A.I. to work things out but we eventually got it working and the stories they were telling us, would be like only fantasies we humans can dream of, the conversations were incredibly fascinating."

Blue Coil Portal Acrylic Art Design by Cameron Creations Ltd.