"Black Hole Funnel" Acrylic Art Design

The "Black Hole Funnel" Acrylic Art Design

Follow the journey of an Intergalactic traveler on the Federation Star Ship Utopia. Throughout his fantastic experiences, he records his travels by creating acrylic art pieces that describe what he views.

This log entry is titled, Black Hole Funnel.

"We had an awesome meal today, the Head Chef really impressed us all. It's a good thing the crew and I ate with the first shift a few hours ago because we were about to enter this Black Hole Funnel. The last time we went through here, a few of the crew members lost their "cookies" if you know what I mean. Looks like it will be a fun ride this time with our new motion stabilizers installed...hold on tight everyone."

Black Hole Funnel Acrylic Art Design by Cameron Creations Ltd.