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The making of a Planet

The making of a Planet

Combining colours is one of the joys I have in creating acrylic flow-art designs.  In this piece, I painted a 5" round coaster with a black base, then, with the funnel resting within a black pillow of paint, I added small amounts of black, purple, yellow red and white.  When ready, then raised the funnel in a slightly circular motion until all the paint in the funnel had emptied. In the raw stages, I could see where this was going. Then I picked up the coaster and rotated and tilted the coaster so the paint travelled to encompass the entire piece.  Added a little heat with a small hand torch to remove any potential air bubbles...then voila...a planet was created.

Click here to see the making of a planet in action.

Cameron Creations - Acrylic Flow-Art - The Making Of A Planet

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